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Scalerite was born in 1940, and was bought by our directors in 2002. We started off with only 5 employees in a 50 square metre building and then in 2011 we moved to our current premises, of 4000 square metres, in Benrose where major alterations were done. 

We have always kept up to date with the change in technology and systems and have come from only having a product range which consisted of 5 scales, to now having 150 products. We have managed to introduce all social media platforms to our business as well as extensive marketing. We believe that keeping up to date with the changing times is the most valuable part of a company (the first, of course, being the customers).

We, at Scalerite, pride ourselves in having expert knowledge, with most of our employees having over 15 years experience in the scale industry. Scalerite not only sells weighing equipment to cover all industries, but repairs and maintains them too. Micro is our brand name, it has a well known presence in the whole of South Africa and neighboring countries. Micro is known for its exceptional quality and affordable prices. 

Customers have stayed with us throughout our entire journey and we take extra care to ensure that we build long lasting relationships with each and every one of them. 

So now that you know a little more about us, we would love to start getting to know you. 

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